The 23 Photos That Will Make Your Stomach Drop

If you love to do something that is uncommon, and what people do just few times in whole year, than you must try to do something like this on photos below. Maybe you will feel strange while you looking at this photos, you will see, who knows.

1. Cliff camping.


2. Skywalking in the Alps.

3. Portaledge camping at Yosemite.

4. Climbing Redwoods.

5. Sitting on the Trolltunga rock in Norway.

6. Jumping on the Trolltunga rock in Norway.

7. British climber John Roberts in South Africa.

8. Ice climbing a frozen waterfall.

9. Extreme skiing at Grand Targhee, Wyoming.

10. Tree camping in Germany.

11. Extreme kayaking at Victoria Falls.

12. Blake Aldridge dives 29 metres from the rock monolith during the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Portugal.

13. On the Edgewalk in Toronto.

14. A defying act by Eskil Rønningsbakken in Norway.

15. Alex Honnold at Yosemite.

16. Now imagine if you dropped your phone down there.

17. Glacierboarding.

18. Trapeze paragliding.

19. Hanging out at the Sky Walk in Macau.

20. Strange sport in the air, USA

21. A ride at the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas.

22. In Ft. Tryon park.

23. Driving down a sand dune in Lucky Bay, Australia.


  1. Genius

    Hahaha ! This is awesome! :)

  2. northierthanthou

    Yep, these are pretty jaw-dropping. …and stomach dropping.

  3. Qadir Kalhoro

    Really great adventure.
    Keep it upppp.

  4. Nice pictures
    I have stumbled this post and likes.

  5. Victor Dorsey

    Just Wonderfull

  6. Robert

    Wow … Not for the faint of heart! Amazing photos, thanks for sharing!

  7. Nando Moura

    Fantastic Site

  8. Jamal Abdul Nasir

    Brilliant yet amazing…and stunning pics.

  9. John Wilder

    Now that is what I call extreme photography

  10. Gauteng

    Wow these are some crazy photos. Not sure if I would be up to some of those things. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Bologna


  12. Vicente Figna


  13. Victor Vibal

    Fantastic photos. I saved some of them for showing to my students.

  14. Chuck Cloninger

    Great pictures. Wish I had been there (for some that is).

  15. Crazy, wonderful life, how important

  16. Graphic Clipping Path

    What amazing photography here. Thanks you very much to share such a beautiful work.

  17. Out of this world. Incredible.

  18. Great picts Seven star rating

  19. Very, very cool!

  20. justinbabar

    good looking and nice pictures

  21. it was awesome….. it felt like i was there myself….. when it was happening

  22. Paige Sully

    Wow, I want that adventure!

  23. Phil Kretchmar

    Makes me want to do aome vertical camping! Great shots, Thanks

  24. i am really amazed by z images that i saw…it is good xperiance

  25. Media planning

    really, amazing

    heart jumping pic….

  26. Number 14 is actually at the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.

  27. awesome

  28. Superb Man …..each Picture Have its own worth…

  29. WOW!!!!

  30. gusani infotech

    What a fabulous amazing pic…..Jst say Awsome…

  31. Christina

    No kidding they caused me to catch my breath! Incredible photos!

  32. Christina

    Def. took my breath away! Incredible photos!

  33. it’s really awesome!i want to do this :D

  34. David Fuzzard

    These photos are simply fabulous . Makes me feel like I am experiencing the moment myself. Bravo

  35. Are you kidding! Amazing photos!

  36. Made our feet and hands sweat for sure. But Amazing photography nevertheless..

  37. Nitish Kapoor

    lovely pictures………

  38. Michela

    These photos are fantastic and scarying…brrr…I got goosebumps!

  39. Givi Dzheriya

    Gorgeous photos!

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